“Incredibles” Architecture Analysis

“Incredibles” Architecture Analysis

After watching The Incredibles, I noticed that the architecture in the film uses a contrast between straight lines and organic shapes. 

Further watching The Incredibles, I noticed that nature and architecture are uniquely combined. For example, the waterfalls splits to reveal a transportation track. 

This concept is also shown in the dining room in Syndrome’s base. The lava wall produces light and also splits to reveal a hallway. The pointed lines in this room contrast to the other bubbly architecture Syndrome integrated on the island. 

I noticed the Parr’s family house had a clear hierarchy shown with the different sections of the house. With the red being dominant, yellow being sub-dominant, and green being subordinate. Another way of showing hierarchy is with different elevations to the structure. Negative spaces between floors is also helpful in creating a balance of hierarchy.

Inspired by the movie, I created my own architectural model based on a house that the Parr family may live in within the Incredibles universe. I found examples of architectural models that incorporate organic shapes while also having lots of windows separated by straight lines. I also found inspiration inside the Parr familiy’s home, specifically in their kitchen. The long wrap around window, the glass bubble container, and slanted island all show some elements I wanted to incorporate. 

The concept of combining architecture and nature is something that I wanted to incorporate into my model. I cut a shape out of the roof to allow a tree to freely grow. 

My final model is made from balsa wood with a plastic film for the wrap around windows. This model is set on a hill with two main levels. The bottom  level is the dominant form, the roof is the sub-dominant form, and the top floor is the subordinate form. The thin lines separating the windows calls back to the Mid-Century Modern design language that is prevalent in the Incredibles movie.