Garmin Brand Analysis

Garmin Brand Analysis

Garmin strives to create a wide range of devices to enhance any outdoor adventure by providing user-friendly products. They are able to execute functionality and durability while combining elegance within their products. Because of their inclusivity, Garmin shows the world that the outdoors are for everyone. Whether you swim, hike, bike, or boat; Garmin has an innovative design for you. 

Garmin serves a variety of adventurers including campers, divers, golfers, hikers, hunters, climbers, and surfers. Most products are unisex; however they do offer watches tailored to men and women. They also have a kids line of watches and fitness trackers. 

Visuals of various outdoor activities are often associated with Garmin. Their logo is simple and their branding is minimal as far as color because they focus on the adventures the user can have when using the product. They use detailed renders as well as photos and videos of the product in action in order to entice the customer.

Garmin products are packed with complex features, but complex does not mean complicated. Garmin products are reported as easy to use because of their intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Customers buy Garmin products because of the quality and reliability. Garmin is a leader in GPS technology which draws in customers interested in activities such as running, boating, and biking. Garmin is widely known for their powerful sports features in their watches. Several Garmin watches allow the user to store off line music on the watch so you can go phone-free. Garmin offers extensive health and fitness tracking as well as sleep tracking and analyzation. 

Garmin’s approach to design, focused on durability for outside adventures, does not negate the need for easily understandable devices. When appropriate, Garmin fuses together powerful features with clean forms. Garmin uses a minimal design language for usability while also presenting the product with a sense of ruggedness. This design language communicates the power, strength, and sophistication of each product.

Garmin uses different design languages depending on the product. The design language changes to fit the consumer. The Garmin GPSmap661 (shown in the photo to the left) is rugged looking because of the durability of the design and what it was made for. The design team described this device as follows: “Rugged tactility meets precision tool in the design of Garmin’s GPSmap66i series of products.” Five words that best describe Garmin’s design language: Durable Elegant Rugged Minimal Clean

 Garmin uses basic shapes with fillets and chamfers for a sleek and sporty design form. The photo to the right is the Alpha 10. The design team described it in this way: “Which dog, which way, and how far – the Alpha 10 is a dog tracking product you need where and when you need it. Sporty, rugged, and fun wrapped up in a small package.”

Garmin has two main groups of colors that they use. For their more industrial devices, they tend to stick to black, grey, or beige. On some products, they use a pop of a neon orange. The inReach Messenger, pictured on the right, is a small satellite communicator. The orange color draws attention to the SOS button on the side of the device. The bright color is important because of the safety feature it highlights.

Garmin watches are made from different materials depending on the version. Some of the most common materials include: fiber reinforced polymer, glass, stainless steel, and silicone. The metal found on the buckle and watch body of many Garmin watches complies with applicable international safety standards for skin contact, while still achieving a high level of corrosion resistance.  

Garmin uses 3D printed prototypes when designing in order to get a product ready for manufacturing. For example, the photo to the right is a 3D printed sample of a Forerunner 110/210 unit. It does not have any screws, but it still has complex areas such as the flexible strap, buttons, and colors. This prototype enables the designers to test different strap lengths on different sized wrists. 

Today, Garmin products have features that tie the products together. On their website, each product has a tab where it shows all of the compatible devices. Most devices are compatible with their smart watches. Garmin’s priorities are durability and attention to detail. This is shown through their watch design as they strive for quality and maximum functionality.