Tea For Two

DSGN 370 – Fundamentals of Packaging

Tea for Two is a theoretical company that packages a jar of matcha with two mugs. Tea for Two emphasizes connection by encouraging customers to share a cup of tea with someone they love. 

The outer flaps of the package is made from corrugated cardboard, cut to size using a laser cutter. Because of the ridges in the cardboard, the flaps overlay each other and interlock perfectly. The sides of the package are made out of chipboard that was carefully measured Using Rhino and cut out with the laser cutter. The two ends of the package are hand-cut out of plywood using a template that was measured in my Rhino model. The mugs and jar of matcha are sitting snug in layers of foam that have been cut to size. 

The Tea for Two logo, as seen wrapped around the jar, was made in illustrator, as well as the graphics seen on the inside flap. When a customer opens the package, the directions are placed in the most convenient spot to avoid confusion.