The Sorry! Game Table

TECH 335 – CNC Prototyping

CNC Prototyping Project: Design a table and stools that features a board game table top out of a 4×8′ piece of plywood.

The Sorry! Game table features a marbles and dice version of the iconic board game “Sorry!” After a couple weeks of sketching and prototyping, a 3D model was made using Rhino. The game board table top was also laid out using Rhino to ensure exact precision when placing the holes for each marble to sit in. The Rhino file was transferred into Vetric Aspire where we separated the pieces for the table and stools and the 2D layout for the game board table top. The drill bit on the CNC machined out the circle pattern half the depth of the plywood which came out to be 0.235in. 

Both the table and stools were designed in a way that crossed at the bottom for support. The table legs attach in the corners of the table top to ensure stability when leaning or resting arms on the top while playing. The legs of the stools attach in a similar manner to ensure a stable sitting experience.