Garmin Brand Analysis

Garmin Brand Analysis Garmin strives to create a wide range of devices to enhance any outdoor adventure by providing user-friendly products. They are able to execute functionality and durability while combining elegance within their products. Because of their inclusivity, Garmin shows the world that the outdoors are for everyone. Whether you swim, hike, bike, or … Read more

“Oblivion” Set Design Analysis

“Oblivion” Set Design Analysis Joseph Kosinski, director of the Sci-Fi film Oblivion, is an alum of Columbia University’s architecture program. With his digital design skills, he broke into the film industry starting with a series of short films. He went on to make his feature debut with 2010’s TRON: Legacy. Both TRON: Legacy and Oblivion … Read more

“Incredibles” Architecture Analysis

“Incredibles” Architecture Analysis After watching The Incredibles, I noticed that the architecture in the film uses a contrast between straight lines and organic shapes.  Further watching The Incredibles, I noticed that nature and architecture are uniquely combined. For example, the waterfalls splits to reveal a transportation track.  This concept is also shown in the dining … Read more